FX Options Trading GUI

The Medusa FX Option Trading Platform delivers streamed FX  and FX Option pricing across a wide range of structures and currency pairs. Request a price from up to 5 major bank liquidity providers in competition, execute and confirm in seconds.

Digital Vega has always been at the forefront of development in the multi-dealer FX Option space, winning prestigious industry awards for its Medusa Trading platform. Continuous development based on client and provider feedback has enabled us to deliver a market leading solution, now used daily by many of the world’s most active option users.

Via its intuitive, browser based UI or via FIX APIs, Medusa delivers accurate pre-trade indicative pricing, linked to seamless streamed bank liquidity, single click execution and confirmation and has been designed from the outset to meet the requirements of a broad range of users.

Flexibility: Medusa supports a range of execution models; based on their specific business requirements, users have the ability to trade directly with their relationship banks or alternatively via one or more of the major prime brokerage providers already integrated to the platform.

Since initial inception, the Medusa platform has continued to evolve in order to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding audience; originally focusing on pure execution, the platform now provides a complete FX option trading solution. Sophisticated pre and post trade management tools allow fine tuning of execution, trade management and reporting. FIX connectivity is already available to all industry standard OMS and STP providers.