Medusa Exotics

As increasing regulatory change continues to exert much greater focus on pre and post trade price and execution transparency across the industry, Digital Vega is now building a unique new service to fully automate pricing, execution and reporting across the full range of exotic and structured FX products:

  • Single Leg

  • Risk Reversal

  • Straddle

  • Strangle

  • Option Spread

  • Digital

  • Digital with American Barrier

  • One touch

  • No Touch

  • Double One touchDouble No Touch

  • Barrier Option (American or European)

  • Knock-In forward

  • KIKO

  • Window Barrier Option

  • Double Barrier Option

  • Window Double Barrier Option

  • Target Profit Forwards

  • Accumulator

  • Target Profit Forwards

  • Accumulator

Vanilla Options And Combinations




Touch Options


Barrier Options




Key features

  • Liquidity from 19 of top 20 FX option banks 

  • Full support for all types of FX option structures and pay-outs 

  • Unique new indicative pricing and structuring tool set 

  • Best execution reporting and analytics 

  • Flexible price formation/spreading tools 

  • Real-time portfolio revaluation
Best execution reporting

  • Pre-trade and aggregate portfolio margin calculation

  • Comprehensive technical analysis tools