As an integral part of the trading platform, Digital Vega provides users with a comprehensive set of analytical reports. These real time reports allow users to objectively analyse their trading activity and the quality of pricing and service exhibited by their relationship liquidity providers.

These reports, which deliver flexible real-time data and analysis, cover the following aspects of platform activity:

  • Quote Response timing:how long is it taking provider to respond?

  • Quote Response Report:(see Provider Performance below)

  • Spread Report:monitor bid offer spreads from each provider by RFQ

  • Expiry Report:list all expiring options for any given expiry date

  • Moneyness Report:check whether selected open option positions are in or out of the money

  • Trade Valuation Report:real time revaluation of all open option positions using independent real market data

  • Requests Report:drill down to individual price requests to view provider response quality

All Reports are available either published directly in client UI or are downloadable in XLS format

Best Execution

Regulatory requirements are increasingly mandating that investment managers and brokers be required to seek the ‘best execution’ reasonably available for their customers’ orders.

To comply with this requirement, investment managers periodically have to assess which markets, market makers or electronic communication networks (ECNs) offer the most favourable terms of execution.

Many factors contribute to determining ‘Best execution’ including the opportunity to get a better price than is being currently quoted, the speed of execution, and the certainty that the trade will be executed.

Digital Vega has recognised the challenge this has presented to the investment manager.

To help meet these regulatory requirements Digital Vega has implemented a full audit trail of price activity for each trade executed on our platform. In addition, all available prices are captured at point of execution of each trade showing how the executed trade price compared with other prevailing prices on the platform.

Quick and easy to use reports can be exported to Excel showing the amount that was saved for the client order or trade.

Real time Valuations

With the most up-to-date Implied Volatility data, FX and deposit rates and industry standard pricing models Digital Vega can provide real-time valuations and profit and loss analysis on any single trade or portfolio of trades.

Clients can revalue a portfolio of 100s of FX Options with delta hedges in seconds.

Provider Performance

The Quote Response Report provides the buy-side user with a wealth of data on the quality of provider service and is an extremely valuable tool used to fine tune the nature of the trading relationship.

The report covers all aspects of pricing and execution interaction over a user-defined period; data shows in terms of both number of tickets and nominal volumes:

  • Total number of requests submitted

  • Overall number of requests, picked up, priced, declined, unsupported or traded.

  • This date is then further broken down by individual provider and finally by individual provider and currency pair.

Using this objective data, the user is thus able to enter a constructive and regular dialogue with his or her relationship banks to highlight specific areas of strength or weakness in the overall levels of service.