To build and deliver a successful global trading platform is a challenge that requires close collaboration with many market participants. We actively engage with both business and technology partners to ensure our services can reach the broadest range of clients globally.

We readily make our technology available to clients and provider banks to enable them to reduce the cost and effort of integration. Similarly, we work closely with providers of OMS and EMS platforms to enhance their support of FX Options.

Finally, core to our business model is leveraging our growing network of distribution partners. We actively support all of our distribution parters in the delivery of FX Options to their clients with both sales and technical assistance as well as with commercial incentives.

Distribution Partners

From the beginning we envisaged clients being able to access our services and trade through whichever vehicle or technology best suited their business needs. Or whatever was most convenient.

For clients who use FX Options as a core part of their investment business, they are be able to ‘connect’ directly to Digital Vega.

For those that use FX Options as a complementary asset class and would prefer to trade via an existing platform or another trading venue, we developed a range of API’s to make this possible.

Clients are able to access our services and add OTC FX Options to their internal trading platforms or trade FX Options on Digital Vega via  venues such as other ECNs, SEFs, or even Bank Single Dealer Platforms.

Integration Partners

worldflow have been a technology partner from the get-go. worldflow software engineers developed the original Digital Vega platform and prior to going live, lead members of the team joined the company.

The close working relationship between Digital Vega and worldflow continues. worldflow are responsible for technical operations of our data centres as well as being the main integration partner for clients wishing to connect to our APIs.

worldflow is focused on front-office process change, across the Investment Banking, Brokerage, Hedge Fund and Real-Money Asset Managers sectors. worldflow deliver change, integration, systems implementation, green field builds and process upgrades. worldflow’s role at the client is to get the job done with minimal disruption.

worldflow are also the first financial services company to qualify for the Apple Consultants Network, and can help with management, software development and implementation across all of Apples products, including their Connect content management solution for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

worldflow have built numerous bespoke software solutions for the finance industry including solutions for market / client connectivity, e-commerce platforms, reconciliations, fees management, CRM, web sites, FIX engines,  and pricing engines.