Since going live with 6 pilot banks the number of liquidity providers has steadily grown. We now have over 80% of the leading global FX banks supporting our platform.

With the broadest range of currency support and the majority of the FX Banks on the platform, this un-paralleled pool of liquidity ensures the best possible coverage for all of our clients.

Our portfolio of provider banks continues to increase. Both with global banks as well as specialist regional currency providers joining to provide even more liquidity.

We maintain an exceptionally close working relationship with all of our provider banks. Many of who have come to regard us as an effective way of reaching a broader range of clients.

Provider Banks

Whilst some of our banks prefer their support not to be publicised, the list below is a sample of banks that stream liquidity to our platform.

Prime Brokers

Over recent years there has been a growing trend in the use of prime services by hedge funds and other buy side firms. Particularly in FX. By consolidating trades and netting exposure buy side clients are able to reduce the amount of collateral they are required to post.

By trading in the name of their prime broker, clients are able to eliminate the credit exposure to the dealing counterparty.

Digital Vega has developed a range of services for the Buy Side, Prime Broker and Executing Broker. Our platform automates the overall process and helps reduce margin requirements, operational and credit risk for all participants.

Clients are able to use one or more prime brokers on the Digital Vega platform. They can map prime brokers by fund name or even currency pair.

As with our liquidity providers we have most of the leading FX Prime Brokers supporting the platform as shown below:

Currency Pairs

Digital Vega supports all major currency pairs, a comprehensive range of minor and exotic currencies as well as the main non-deliverable currencies. Over 60 currency pairs in total.

New currencies are constantly being added based on client demand. For a full list of supported currency pairs please contact us directly.

Precious Metals

Based on client demand we have recently added precious metals. Clients are now able to trade Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG) against USD.