Medusa Exotics

As the FX option market progressively migrates to electronic channels, available liquidity for vanilla structures is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Against a headwind of continued low interest rates and low market volatility, investors and hedgers are increasingly embracing more complex exotic options and structured products.

Simultaneously, swathes of new regulations across the globe are now forcing both users and liquidity providers to rethink traditional business models in an effort to improve efficiencies and defray costs.

In order to meet this increasing demand, Digital Vega is developing a unique, new exotics solution for both price makers and takers.

The following products will be supported across DV platforms:

-Single Barrier Option or Forward

-Double Barrier Option or Forward

-Window Barrier Option or Forward


-European KI or KO

-Knock-In Forward

~European Digital

~European Digital with American KI or KO

~Range Accrual


~Double One-Touch

~No Touch

~Double No Touch

*Target Redemption Forward


Barrier Options

Digital and Touch Options

Complex Options

Digital Vega’s new Exotics service will deliver a unique new holistic solution. A single intuitive new User Interface brings together the best features of many single bank platforms into one place and provides a full range of pre and post trade execution and workflow management tools:

Key Features

  • Unique new benchmarked indicative pricing and structuring toolset

  • Collaboration tools; securely share ideas with colleagues or clients

  • Full support for all types of FX option structures and pay-outs

  • Aggregated Liquidity from top 18 FX option banks in one screen

  • Detailed best execution Analytics and Reporting

  • Customisable price formation and spreading engine

  • Range of STP solutions to in-house risk systems