Digital Vega is a privately owned company initially founded by Mark Suter and worldflow comprising Nick Lukic and Steve Jarrett. First round funding was secured from State Street and Deutsche Börse Group, two strategic investors who are represented on our board. The rest of the shareholders are made up of founding private investors and staff.

State Street is a leading service provider of financial services to institutional investors worldwide. In a rapidly changing marketplace, the strength and stability of your financial services provider is more important than ever. State Street has a long and proven history of delivering comprehensive and flexible financial solutions to many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors. As an established and well-capitalised global leader, we can offer the guidance you need to achieve your business objectives — in any market environment.

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital – markets on which professional traders buy and sell equities, derivatives and other financial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse Group, with its services and systems, ensures the functioning of these markets and a level playing field for all participants – worldwide.

Deutsche Börse has an integrated business model. Its product and service portfolio has a broader basis than other exchange organisations as it covers the entire process chain, from the monitored execution of trading orders, clearing, netting and transaction settlement through to post-trade custody of securities as well as the necessary electronic infrastructure and the provision of market information. Deutsche Börse sets standards with its superior risk management and its innovative collateral management to enable customers to effectively use their capital.