About Us

Digital Vega is a privately held and independent company operating the pioneering Medusa FX Options trading platform. Our client driven focus and unparalleled liquidity has made us a market leader in the OTC FX Options marketplace.

As more OTC and derivatives markets migrate to electronic trading models, driven either by regulations or client demand, we will be at the forefront of those new developments.  We will continue to add new financial products and support new asset classes and bring new market innovations to our award winning platform.


Most of us at Digital Vega are veterans of the finance industry. Between us we have been involved in building more ECNs and bank ecommerce platforms than we care to remember. Whilst at the time all of these endeavours were hugely exciting, in many cases pioneering, initial aspirations often gave way to serve the interests of one group over the rest. We are convinced that is possible to do great work to the equal benefit of all of our clients, partner banks, investors and employees. Quite simply we are determined to do it right!


Live for change – Our industry is going through continuous change. At Digital Vega not only do we enthusiastically embrace  change, we endeavour to drive it. If we thought tomorrow was going to be like yesterday we would probably go do something else.

Great isn’t good enough – We firmly believe that we should only do something if we can do it really well. So whilst we are constantly adding new functionality, we are obsessed with the smallest details. Details which we believe will ultimately, make all the difference. If we can make our customers really happy everything else will follow.

Passion and determination – We are deeply passionate about what we do. Building a global derivatives trading venue from scratch wasn’t easy.  If it was, everyone could do it. We do it because we want to make a difference and are determined to succeed where others have fallen by the wayside.

Simple is best – Whilst we may not always succeed, we are always trying to invent better and simpler ways of doing difficult or repetitive tasks. We are hugely influenced by the simple elegance of Apple products. Whenever well develop something new, we ask repeatedly: ‘can we make it simpler?’ It’s the benchmark we set ourselves!

Digital Markets

All financial markets should be electronic. Digital is the way forward and we are doing our bit to help.

Forward Thinking

Imagining things as they are going to be tomorrow is what it’s all about. How they were yesterday really doesn’t matter.

Custom Solutions

One size does not fit all! Every client is different. So our solutions are configurable and completely flexible.

Client Focused

A well worn cliche but clients are all that matters. Everything we do is aimed to give the client the best possible experience.

Management Team

Nick Lukic

Nick Lukic

CEO and Co-founder

Nick has 20+ years in FX, derivatives, ecommerce, technology and consulting. Nick was a founding member of Atriax, the first FX ECN where he was responsible for product development and bank relationships. He went on to form worldflow, an e-commerce specialist software and consulting firm where he worked on setting up new ecommerce businesses for banks including several FX and retail CFD businesses. Nick was global head of FX and Interest Rate Derivatives technology at Chemical/Chase Manhattan Bank where he ran the quant analytics and risk management teams. He was also global head of FX and FX options IT at Citibank where he helped start the Citi FX e-commerce business.

Mark Suter

Mark Suter

Executive Chairman and Co-founder

Mark has 30+ years of front office experience in the Global FX market. Mark has managed cash and derivative businesses for Chase Manhattan, Royal Bank of Scotland, Banque Paribas and Standard Bank. In 2000, Mark joined Dresdner Bank to help build and roll out the Piranha and Click and Trade online platforms. With a strong mix of experience in Option trading and development of online trading systems, Mark was approached by FXall to develop a multi-bank FX options trading platform; as the shareholding and business focus changed, the option project was shelved in 2007. Mark’s view was that an opportunity clearly existed, backed by increasing demand from a range of clients, partnering with worldflow, an e-commerce development specialist. He went on to co-found Digital Vega.

Steve Rees

Steve Rees

CTO and Chief Architect

After graduating from Cambridge, Steve joined IBM as a systems engineer building CRM systems for clients in the utilities, insurance and banking sectors. Steve joined Integral Development Corp. to lead the introduction of Integral’s structured interest rate product platform at several European banks, before joining the engineering architecture team to help build Integral’s FX multi-bank cash FX trading platform which he then helped deploy at Atriax. After a couple of years consulting, Steve returned to FX, to help Worldflow build STP products for their banking clients then moved on to help found Digital Vega and lead the development of the Medusa multi-bank FX options trading platform.

Simon Stock

Simon Stock

CFO and Compliance Officer

Simon is an experienced financial professional having spent his career as an executive in both large multinational and smaller listed companies, including Group board level appointments. He has also been a principal in a private equity business specializing in early stage companies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Social Media

As the FX Options market continues to evolve with new regulation we will continue to add to our portfolio of services. To keep in touch with what’s going on follow us on various social media below.